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American Disability Advocates College

Training Initiative & Home Based Business Opportunity Course

So, How Does All This Work?

American Disability Advocates College is a unique educational opportunity. Prior to structuring the framework of the course, research was conducted to determine if a comparable educational opportunity existed as course work in any law school anywhere in the United States. The result: there is not a single law school anywhere that provides an educational curriculum for the study of SSA disability law — not one law school anywhere! And, there are zero training opportunities to learn how to establish a successful disability advocacy practice through the insight of a full time instructor to provide additional expertise and operational knowledge.

If you seriously are contemplating learning how to be a successful disability advocate, wouldn’t you like to learn how to operate a successful advocacy as a business as well? It’s important to understand that being an advocate and serving individuals anywhere involves learning how to serve their needs based on your ability to maintain control of all aspects of their claims, information, data and paperwork.

ADAC’s unique Training Initiative & Home Based Business Opportunity Course is designed to provide you with both:

  • The legal and professional skills required to become an exceptionally qualified and fully knowledgeable SSA Disability Advocate and;
  • A successful business person who can maintain a profitable level of claims, process the necessary data and paperwork required and to successfully and diligently discharge all responsibilities related to claim processing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • The Training Curriculum

    ADAC’s Training Initiative & Home Based Business Opportunity Course is scheduled as a 9-week course of training and consists of your:

  • Following a formal text-book-centric presentation of the key topics related to disability advocacy legal practice core requirements that will lead to the understanding and successful practice of becoming a successful SSA disability advocate;
  • Learning how to establish a “virtual” business in order to control all data and paperwork requirements using the proven ADAC method of generating, organizing and distributing key documents to the appropriate parties at exactly the right time, and;
  • Exploring all promotional alternatives available to provide your advocacy practice with an uninterrupted supply of clients on a local, regional and/or national basis;
  • Evaluating the ADAC automated system of data and paperwork control, as demonstrated by your instructor, with an eye toward IT system acquisition to increase your case work at the right time for your existing or budding new advocacy practice.
  • Participating in the weekly online and telephone-based, up to 2-hour training sessions that, each week, will review and discuss the text book assignment to help clarify each advocate topic and to provide for actual practice insight through a Q & A format. This will be followed by both business processes and procedures topics as well as promoting your business topics followed by another Q & A session.

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