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Training Initiative & Home Based Business Opportunity Course

How To Become An SSA Disability Advocate and Operate Your Own Business In Just 9 Weeks

ADAC has created a unique Training Initiative & Home Based Business Opportunity Course for those independent entrepreneurially motivated individuals who are interested in learning how to become an SSA Disability Advocate in just 9 weeks. Through our course, you can learn how to:

  • Provide one of the most personally rewarding and socially relevant disability assistive services currently available today to anyone with:
  •    1) A college degree, professional degree or equivalent work experience;
       2) Personal drive and ambition;
       3) The ability to reason logically;
       4) Medical experience or the ability to learn how to analyze medical records;
       5) The ability to write with reason, clarity, conviction and compassion, and;
       6) The ability to present verbal findings before an Administrative Law Judge at hearing.

  • Establish a disability advocacy practice as an independent, virtual, business that will insure success and profitability throughout the long and challenging process of:
  •    1) Identifying prospects;
       2) Inviting retention of your services;
       3) Advocating for your clients from initial contact through appeals to claim approval, and;
       4) Maintaining and processing the data and paperwork intensive requirements of an advocacy.


    In addition to highly motivated individuals with no previous advocacy experience, we believe the following individuals would be ideally suited to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Practicing non-attorney representatives looking to expand both their knowledge and their case load with new and efficient business methods;
  • Paralegals specializing in SSA disability law working independently or for a disability law firm or department who desire to strike out on their own;
  • Former SSA Claims Representatives (CR), Disability Examiners (DE) or hearing office adjudicators who would like to learn how to practice privately.

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