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One World Of and By the People
Individual Sovereignty
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Our Goal
To seek and achieve a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs. Please join us for the journey.

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This website is our way of identifying and consolidating a world of freethinking resources in virtually every form of print, audio, video and Internet-based media available today. Through both this website and the eBook that follows, our goal is to convey the idea that a rational and enduring alternative civilization to the one in which we live is possible.

If we, as a species, fail to achieve this goal, the consequences are well known throughout the history of all past civilizations. Our "global" civilization, will fail –  only this time the failure holds the potential of catastrophic results that will surpass any experienced by the failures of all past civilizations.

We welcome freethinkers, the curious who have become aware that all is not quite right in the world in general and The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave in particular and, most importantly, students of all ages who are seeking a consolidated collection of rational ideas that can contribute to a better understanding of just how serious our civilization's problems have become. Armed by the ideological resources contained within this website, the visitor may become convinced that such knowledge just might lead to our desired destination of One World Of and By the People.

Following your visit, we cordially invite you to return as many times as you please to investigate the many resources we provide in the hope that your curiosity not only will be stimulated but also your ability to judge for yourself whether or not we can achieve our goal of building a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs. So – let's begin.

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At certain moments in time, an event unfolds that serves a most important parallel role to one that currently is being undertaken. Such an event might even be termed a coincidence or, as explained within this website, that "Eureka Moment". Such is the case for our website and the resulting parallel event  that, when experienced, will illustrate the importance of our concern for the survival of our civilization as  stated above. This, then, is such an event portrayed by Jeff Daniels in the opening segment of Aaron Sorkin's new HBO TV series of June 2012, The Newsroom". Therefore, as a preface to your journey through TerraResPublica, Click Here.  

Following your review of the video displayed by the link directly above, may we suggest you begin by clicking on the Credits & Acknowledgements page. With the explanation of the responsibility for paying credit to the ideological innovators referenced throughout this website, we then invite you to review the Prologue & Purpose page. This will provide you with an introduction and basic understanding of the motivation and purpose behind the creation of this website. Navigating the remainder of the website is an intuitive process but is supplemented in many locations with direct links and pathways to specific references and information related to any current topic being presented.



History has recorded three pathways of ideology that have resulted in the placement of stepping stones along those pathways we follow. The first is physical science, the second is biological science and the third, social science.
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Foundation Stones
Four events have occurred that describe the foundation stones on one of the pathways identified here  that may lead to the achievement of a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on certain principles of true individual freedom.
Costa | Galambos | Snelson | Mises

Scientific Method
To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering empirical and measurable evidence sub- ject to specific principles of reasoning. It is a method that has never been applied to the social sciences until relatively recently.

Scientific Method


Media To Explore
We have included various selections of links, videos, slide shows and especially our comprehensive "bibliography" page for your review, download and just plain enjoyment. Please click on the links below to maximize your ideological experience.

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