A certain irony was encountered when this website's  author first opened the pages of The Watchman's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction" by Rebecca D. Costa and began to read and consider this freethinker's premises. Most notably, as described in the left sidebar of this page, a "eureka moment" was experienced which, ironically, was in response to Costa's identification of a "eureka moment" described in her book as "insight". This website author was having a eureka moment over a eureka moment as described by Costa! Go figure!

The significance of this above described phenomenon wasn't just based on the personal observation of a a single, strong, emotional response based on a coincidental definitional duality but rather the recognition that the ages-old conundrum of "why do civilizations fail" was being answered in a most universally logical manner through six years of extensive research. Costa's connect the dots conclusions are presented with scientific-method-like reasoning including semantic precision of terms.

In the many years of his own personal knowledge acquisition, this website's author encountered multiple explanations for why past civilizations have failed. Each of the explanations, including Edward Gibbon's magnum opus entitled, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, for example, invariably were offered up by their authors writing from the perspective of their own particular genre of knowledge (i.e., Gibbon the historian writes about the "history" of the Roman Empire).

With this observation in mind, and as will be identified later, an economist explains civilization collapse from an "economic" perspective, a physicist explains civilization collapse from a "scientific" perspective, a Russian expatriate writes about the decline and fall of a national civilization from her perspective of the evils of socialism, evident in her homeland, which then leads to the inevitable fall. What is most interesting about this observation is many but not all of these explanations are just that – explanations without recourse to fact based solutions. With sufficient research, analyzing and reporting the problems is a relatively straight forward task – offering fact-based solutions is a different matter, especially fact based NEW knowledge and not reliance on the failing status quo.

What is remarkable about Costa, as an author who posits profound insight into the "why" we should be aware of the perils of our own "global" civilization that will lead inevitably to collapse,  is the fact that she is a freethinker without a specific genre of knowledge other than enormous curiosity and an innate ability to research and sniff out the "dots". When connected as they are in her book, a clear, succinct, scientifically plausible and universal explanation emerges.

Although described as a "sociobiologist" on the "About Rebecca Costa" page of her own website, her background describing her education and applied experience in the capitalistic cauldron of the Silicone Valley in Northern California, indicates the acquisition of such a categorical knowledge label based on the success of her book, not her studied and expository disciplined background. Her explanation, unlike others described above, embraces a universal explanation and, thus, is independent of knowledge genre bias of any kind. This is a remarkable, freethinking accomplishment of the highest order from this website author's perspective.

This criteria, presented in the immediately above two paragraphs, supports the "goal" of this website and is the acid test of discovering the stepping stones for the establishment of a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs. Providing fact based solutions within a scientific-method-like thought process is the key.

With her success established by the response to her book from many different disciplines of science and other freethinking knowledge and their leading proponents, Costa now enjoys the position of  effecting civilization  sustainability opinion through both her website as well as her radio interview program. This website author's only hope is that she recognizes how her freethinking conclusions truly can effect all that opinion when aligned with the remaining three foundation stones described within this website.

Those visitors who wish to become more familiar with Costa's idea of how to think our way out of extinction are encouraged to visit her Rebecca Costa website and to read her engaging book.

In the pages to follow, further analysis and discussion will be presented in order to maintain the momentum for justifying the journey we've undertaken to  establish a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs. The remaining "foundation stones presented as the guiding analogy of this website leading to arriving at our destination, hopefully will illustrate that such a journey not only is worthwhile but also achievable.

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