In order to present the extensive information contained within the pages of this website, great thought was given to the manner in which certain credit and acknowledgement might be provided to the myriad of sources, both personal and referential, that led to the accumulation and presentation of the freethinking ideology you are about to experience. The author of this website is deeply indebted to a number of individuals both present and past whose contributions are both stepping stones as well as foundation stones in the pathways being followed throughout TerraResPublica.

The following is an attempt to cover this responsibility, not only definitively but as accurately as possible and with deep gratitude.

First, it is important to point out that the author of this website has not created any individual, self-sustaining work in the area of freethinking of his own accord. His is a reporting and chronicling of events in the history of free thought and, as such, intends the visitor to derive his or her own conclusion as to the possibility that a rational and enduring alternative civilization, based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs, can be achieved through the pathways proposed within this website. Acknowledgement and credit, therefore, applies to those who have made direct ideological contributions that will help to build such an alternative civilization.

To begin, as a note on the graphics selected for background images on each page of this website, the inspiration is based on understanding that, if our species can accomplish the task of creating an enduring civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs, then an unlimited future can be established and the reach of mankind can, indeed, extend into realms of the star-lighted universe beyond anything we know today. This understanding is based in part on the ideology of Andrew J. Galambos, Jay S. Snelson and the ideology promulgated by David Deutsch in his book entitled, The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World .

Andrew J. Galambos, as one of the Foundation Stones of this website's goal of achieving One World Of and By the People, also is responsible for this author's appreciation of Galambos' concepts for the recognition, importance and credit owed to the physical, biological and social innovators past and present. It is hoped that any visitor who is or becomes familiar with these concepts, will recognize their influence by the manner in which the ideology presented herein is acknowledged and credited to their respective innovative sources.

In addition, further inspiration and direct influence brought to bear on the ideological framework enjoyed by the author of this website, is inherent in the work of Jay Stuart Snelson. His past collaboration with Galambos (through Snelson's V-50 Lectures and his subsequent independent development of ideology through his Human Action Seminars as well as his recently published book entitled, Taming the Violence of Faith: Win-Win Solutions For Our World In Crisis) have and will continue to leave an indelibly positive and everlasting historical mark as one of the foundation stones of this website's goal of achieving One World Of and By the People.

The author recognizes that the sheer amount of freethinking references presents an overall challenge in acknowledging and crediting the work of specific individuals. In some instances, certain work presented herein is without originator (anonymous). However, by virtue of the presentation of the many freethinking ideologies, this author will make every attempt to acknowledge the importance and value of each presented work and pay further credit to any and all antecedents thereof throughout this website and the myriad ideologies and references presented .

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