Once onboard, the challenge of this journey is coming to understand WHY it should be undertaken in the first place -- or perhaps not at all. Just inwardly opposing or outwardly railing against the obvious reasons for the decay of our global civilization is not enough. Building an alternative, rational civilization requires a sound foundation based on a clear and succinct understanding of the causes behind basic systemic failures that are creating "gridlock'' and "the substitution of beliefs for facts" now plaguing us all and arriving at a strategy that includes fact-based reasoning for providing possible systemic solutions.

This is the reasoning behind a new and profound book entitled, The Watchman's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out Of Extinction by author, Rebecca Costa. Her recent work appears under our website's "Media" page by clicking on "Bibliography" in the dropdown menu followed by clicking on "Costa". Her freethinking ideas provided in this profound treatise provides one of the most important WHY's behind our journey.

In addition to age-old scientifically, philosophically, sociologically, nationally and just plain old logically developed facts, based on slowly emerging truths over several thousands of years, there now can be added the fact-based reasoning of the "Scientific Method" that, until recently, has never been applied to human action in particular or the social sciences in general.

To explore this development in context of creating a rational alternative to political, state-sponsored societies has been one of the most exciting experiences of this website author's freethinking growth. This innovative addition to freethinking, that occurred within the past few decades, will be fully explored later in this website.

Now, as observed above, another exciting event has occurred recently providing a confluence of freethinking that first established a true foundation for understanding the WHY of this journey and second, a set of tools that met the requisite "insightful" requirements of this recent event.

These two most important Foundation Stones of our website initially can be explored by clicking on the following links:  

Capitalism: The Liberal Revolution, an eBook posthumously chronicling the Volitional Science ideology of Andrew J. Galambos by Frederic G. Marks and  the ideology of Jay Stuart Snelson through his book entitled Taming the Violence of Faith: Win-Win Solutions For Our World In Crisis.

Before our destination of One World Of and By the People can ever be reached, our species first must pass through the minefield of our current civilization's complexities and systemic ills with fact-based solutions.

As a visitor to this website, it is our hope that you will join us and, as you journey with us, gain strength in the foundation of your own ideologies and even contribute your thoughts, ideas and opinions. As you will discover, TerraResPublica is a work in progress and really will have no ending except,  in the distant future, that of arriving at the much sought after destination of One World Of and By the People. Please join us for the journey of a lifetime and help create the pathway to its final destination. It can and must be reached.

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