This website is both a work in progress as well as a contributing repository for kindred spirits' and fellow travelers’ proposed input to the growing wealth of rational freethought that will comprise the "point-the-way" true individual freedom alternative to the growing insanity of the world dominated by political states.

In the past (pre-Internet past), as the author of this website observed and experienced, ideas were limited in presentation to pamphlets, books, magazine articles, lectures, radio, TV and just simply by word of mouth and only could be assimilated by a number of people at one time that, by today's Internet measured standard of exposure, was miniscule. The advent of the Internet is a true paradigm shift in information and idea communication and promises to awaken the minds of countless truth seekers like no other way in history.

The author of this website has spent the last almost 50 years of his life seeking alternatives to the status quo. Somehow, with the presidential election of 1968 which was held against a backdrop of assassination, race riots and Vietnam war demonstrations, stepping into the voting booth in his local neighbor’s garage to read the issues laid before him as a dutiful first-time voter, led him to conclude that he had NO rational alternative and almost NO rational sympathetic ears and minds for freely expressing his dissatisfaction with world events. He crumpled up the voting sheet and threw it into the trash receptacle next to the little grey‑haired lady whose only comment was, “Oh! Oh! Oh! – is there something wrong?” YES!, he screamed as he walked out and never looked back.

As he came to realize later in his life, the alternative of NOT VOTING was just as valid a privilege as the more popular admonition of the so-called “patriotic duty” alternative – one of those pious platitudes and false alternatives that pervade the status quo here in the US as well as in other democracies (i.e., would you rather vote for Richard Nixon or Hubert Humphrey, or for any other criminal on the ballot in 1968, or in any other presidential election past, present or future? As a corollary, again would you like a broken arm or a broken leg?).

However, his journey in search of more rational alternatives to political choices has been long and, at times, fruitful. Although no single alternative nor even a collection of alternatives has presented themselves as identifiably completed or even under construction solutions of any of our systemic social ills, a number of singular events have produced the proverbial "eureka" syndrome and hold great promise for future implementation. These will be presented and discussed within this website for the visitor's consideration.

Which now brings us to the Ground Rule

“The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.”
Carl Sagan

Following review of  TerraResPublica, the visitor is not encouraged to drive a stake into the ground. The intent of this website is not to provide a forum for so-called "sliver bullets" or "utopian" alternatives. As recognized throughout history, utopia is no more achievable than the construction of  a "Carnot Engine". If there were one or more silver bullets, our civilization already would be on an alternate pathway to individual freedom. No such evidence has presented itself yet.

Rather, think of this website as an opportunity to contribute to and  follow certain rational stepping stones representing building blocks used to construct alternative positive social structures that might, just might, in the near future lead to true individual freedom.

You are encouraged to enter into civil discussion with other visitors and discouraged from directly attacking opposing points of view regardless of their perceived shortcomings. Freedom of expression is our goal, not repression. 

Following your review of the website, the hope is that you'll come to better understand the objectives and will be encouraged to contribute such "stepping stones".

AS stated above, this website is a work in progress and, as such, will continue to provide a voluntarily contributed plethora of resources including blogs, links, bibliographies, seminars, webinars, biographies (past and present), book reviews, videos, programs, pamphlets, speech's and interviews with notable freethinking minds and/or ideas that, as an aggregate of wisdom, might lead to our long sought after goal.

Like the evolutionary progress of our species' physiological adaptations, so is the progress of our species' psychological and sociological ability to reach for the establishment of true individual freedom in a World Of and by the People. This grand objective will not occur in the short run or, for that matter, possibly in our or even several more lifetimes to come. The stepping stones to follow, however, will produce an approximation to the goal and, hope upon hope, might even result in the genesis of a true revolution – a turning around  – of  the status quo failures that dominate our entire world today.

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