In the long sought after goal of "One World Of and By the People”, the pathway to self government, already paved with stepping stones of reason through the will and minds of freethinkers, began millennia ago and will expand now and into the future with the establishment of a rational and enduring  alternative civilization based on certain principles of true individual freedom.

It will not be a smooth journey, for the past and present progress has been hazardous to personal freedom and has been without the trumpeting of those seeking or arriving at that which would mark a true foundation and initial construction of our desired  destination. Instead the siren cry of conflict over thousands of years pierces the atmosphere of almost all human social endeavors which now stand, once again, at the brink of total collapse.

This website is designed to help the visitor understand just what constitutes a rational and enduring alternative civilization that promises true individual freedom. Then, through identification and investigation of those individuals who have laid down certain "stepping stones" through the insight of innovation in the past as well as the present, a better understanding of just what constitutes a rational and enduring alternative civilization may be made.

Identifying certain stepping-stone-contributing individuals is to identify those who wish to finally remove the threat of such systemic problems as war, poverty, famine, servitude, property confiscation and the growing myriad of other overwhelmingly complex environmental issues such as climate change, extreme drought, energy depletion and the destruction of natural resources that, without resolution of some kind, will surely bring progress to a standstill for all mankind.

Recognition of participation by  freethinkers, grounded in philosophy and the humanities with those of science, will show a convergence of the two in a most profound  and insightful manner through a unique innovation of yet another freethinker.

The genesis of pointing the way for this journey also must reside in the visitor’s desire to clearly and succinctly understand the problem or problems at hand that are under the visitor's scrutiny. Surely with a destination as grand as discovering, establishing and perpetuating a rational and enduring  alternative civilization based on true individual freedom, one must identify not only why the incessantly pursued philosophy/social/political/religious goals of the past and present have not achieved any level of violence-free human conduct but also why these  programs that ring with the optimism of freedom have in the past and now are in the process of complete failure and stand as obstacles to reaching our desired destination.

So the question arises – might it have something to do with establishing a precise and universally agreed upon definition of freedom or at least identifying a consistent process for understanding and achieving freedom?

As it currently stands, mankind continues to foster and pursue the current philosophical, social, political and religious programs as the only hope for survival. Such belief in this status quo perspective, one that perpetuates continuation without exploration of positive, alternative human action in the minds of leaders, citizens, parents, teachers and students throughout the world, only can lead to abject failure.

As will be pointed out in the information to follow, within one of the many rational freethinkers' contributions, today’s status quo is no more than a series of false alternatives. To  demonstrate using  just one example  – would you like to pay an income tax or a sales tax (i.e., would you rather have a broken arm or a broken leg)? Or, a much better choice – would you like a protected property alternative for all forms of property plunder (aka taxes)?

Without investigating the source of our civilization's failures, especially those characterized by false alternatives, a freethinking person has no hope of analyzing any other alternative for progress. He or she is doomed to follow the yellow brick road and be a dutiful vassal of the political state, wherever the political state exists, and nowhere in the world currently is there a singe alternative to the political state, only free enterprise alternatives to state-provided services and those are few and far between.

This website then is first, a repository of consistent and positively presented alternatives to the existing status quo of the political states of the world. In addition, it will become a growing pathway of ideological stepping stones that will allow contemporary freethinkers the opportunity to further expand the foundations of their knowledge and search for reason and sanity in a world that challenges and frequently denies any notion of such goals.

Welcome, then, to TerraResPublica. Following your visit and exploration of our website, please feel free to express your opinions and, most importantly, recommend a work (book, Internet link, article, video, program, or any other media or model) that is consistent with the goal of moving toward the achievement of One World Of and By the People.

The Ground Rule now must be investigated to best understand the framework under which the precepts of this website have been and should continue to be obtained and perpetuated.

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