Welcome to TerraResPublica. You are being welcomed to an ideological endeavor that has been in the making for five decades. The seeds of this undertaking were sown in the hallowed halls of a collegiate environment and then carried by the winds of life into the college of hard knocks whose colors are black and blue.

Until recently, any possible dissemination of the repository of the ideologies that constitute the essence of this website were restrained by the limitations inherent in any idea dissemination technology available in the earlier decades. Those included print, broadcast, lectures and their subsequent recordings and playback on bulky machines – all further restrained by the number of individuals who, when targeted, might have shown interest but were difficult to influence based on their belief in the ideological "status quo" and "conventional wisdom" – a condition that persists to the present day.

Even with possible interest due to both past and present influences, so-called "conventional wisdom", embraced by individuals and consisting of such influences as parental, educational, religious, and personal beliefs, is and continues to be challenged by the perceived seemingly controversial freethinking ideologies contained herein. In other words, it is and always will be a fait accompli that those most capable of being swayed by reason will be difficult to identify, difficult to contact, difficult to influence and thus, available as few and far between.

Furthermore the possibility of serious, intellectual idea dissemination, via past (and even present) radio or TV broadcasts, were restricted primarily to entertainment venues dominated by sports or celebrity status individuals or by the graft and corrupted, baby kissing, charlatans, crooks, thieves and other sordid political ideologues, with their political diatribe, under whom we still suffer. As Mark Twain was heard to state, as early as the 19th century:

"There is no distinctly native American criminal class ... except Congress".

Even with the advent of National Public Radio (NPR), any truly intellectual freedom-based alternative to the political and economic status quo of the world in which we live is simply rehashed from the point of view of so-called pundits of the topical genre for which they claim any concept or definition of “expertise” and therefore rarely, if ever, from true intellectuals of the scientific pursuasion.


And then, in the mid-1990s, a paradigm shift in global communication emerged – the INTERNET – with  its "WWW" world-changing reshaping of previous media communications including personally directed print publishing, telephone, music, film, radio and TV as well as its impact on person-to-person, business-to-business and globally-influenced financial services.

The impact, although seemingly slow to be embraced, suddenly exploded exponentially into the single most globally-unifying, communicating and idea-disseminating phenomena known to modern man! Suddenly, there was a pathway opened to reach an almost unheard of number of individuals in just minutes otherwise not available through the communication technologies of the past. This amazing communication breakthrough was indeed one of the most significant paradigm shifts in global history.


And, thus, the doorway now is open to identify, organize, consolidate and present the repository of ideologies that constitutes the essence of this website. However, the challenge still persists in attracting those who recognize that our great governing experiment of 1776, along with its impact and global influence on so many other cultures from that time forward, sadly is crumbling. Therefore, we as a freedom loving and seeking species, should be evaluating alternatives to self-government that are compatible with individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs.

The foundation ideologies and promulgators of these original thoughts are anchored within the Western Civilization's 16th century's establishment of the Enlightenment (i.e., the so-called "Renaissance") with its most significant achievement in thought based on the Scientific Method.

This most profound paradigm shift in reasoning, with its dramatic skeptical but correct-explanation-challenges to the myriad false conclusions inherent in "rules of thumb", "status quo" and "conventional wisdom" arguments of both past and present has brought forth all progress within the physical sciences. Now, however, another paradigm shift is underway.

This website is dedicated to the emerging paradigm shift wherein the thought processes and reasoning that has brought us so far in the physical sciences now is available to deliver equally astounding results within the social sciences.

What follows in this website is designed to stimulate your senses and awaken your ability to explore the history of what has occurred and what might be possible in the future based on this emerging social causality paradigm shift.

 In addition, the website is designed to help you build an ideological foundation and expand your existing freedom-based ideology by exploring certain stepping stones of free-thought (based on the ideas of past and present great freethinkers) in order to enable you, and our species in general, to move forward without disastrous consequences which now are becoming all too threatening to our very existence.

With the above discussions in mind, it must be stressed that this website does not take a specific stance on any single route our species must take nor does it claim there is a single “silver bullet” that either defines or delivers a solution to the many systemic ills that currently pervade our global nationalities.

This website is a repository of ideologies that, when explored, might lead to an alternative or multiple alternative solutions to our severe problems that now threaten our very existence. The website chronicles alternatives. It does not advocate any single philosophy of how we should live. We simply cannot predict how an alternative system of “One World Of and For the People” ever will come into existence. However, we can predict that its existence, once achieved, will be supported by certain ideas presented within the pages of this website and filled with challenges that will be met, step-by-step, with the enthusiasm of individual thought, sweat, tears and energy that so defines the free will of a free people.


Once again, welcome to TerraResPublica and your opportunity to explore truly rational alternatives to the current oppressive system of governances that exist, not only in our very own Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but throughout our now-globally-influenced cultural, political and economic world.

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