This questioned conundrum of what is the difference between a republic and a democracy may be the last civics class assignment you undertook in high school that truly challenged your idea of what the USA is all about or – maybe not. With the Internet now available for virtually instantaneous reference and validation, let's check it out:

          Republic vs. Majority Rule Democracy
          Republic vs. Democracy: Rule By Law vs. Rule By Majority
          An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic
          Republic vs. Democracy (Video)

So, what went wrong? With all the hard work put forth by our founding fathers, wouldn't you think the case for locking in the precepts and governmental functions of a republic would now be well ingrained in the minds and actions of both the citizens and leaders of our country?

If you linked to the subjects above (especially the video), your own understanding of what went wrong might be strengthened. Please keep in mind that the objective of this website is not one of restoring our lost republic but, rather, to understand the reasons why the great American experiment of establishing individual freedom and invalidating monarchy, via republicanism, degenerated into a democracy and, thus, failure. Our objective is to seek and achieve a rational and enduring alternative civilization based on individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs.

The reason for including references to what constitutes a "republic" and then comparing it to the recent and much more insidious "majority rule democracy", is to demonstrate that our ancestors of millennia past laid the first of enduring stepping stones on the pathway to individual sovereignty. Unfortunately our own forefathers, even in their zeal and commitment to a republican form of government allowed for a process that has gone terribly wrong.

For further insight into how all this occurred at the time of the founding of our nation, a nation based on ideas, not ethnicity, language nor religion nor any other reason except ideas, one is encouraged to read Gordon S. Wood's excellent account of " Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different" that contributed to the founding of our nation based on "ideas". It goes a long way to explain just why our unique form of government has gone so wrong from an initial starting structure of such worthy beliefs and ideas.

Now, however, as we proceed forward, you are about to embark on a truly unique, freethinking, intellectual journey. The destination will seem almost unreachable but, as you currently know or will come to realize, it will become realistic and necessarily achievable.

At the same time, we want you to really enjoy this journey. The world as we now know it is scary. Just a generation or two ago, who could have envisioned a world challenged by a suitcase-sized nuclear device or a chemical or biological viral threat depicted by a popular TV series. So, is there an alternative?

Simply stated, like an Odysseus, we are seeking that allusive but ultimately achievable One World Of and By the People, a world where the individual is free to govern self and devoid entirely of the ethnic, racial, nationalistic, socioeconomic, religious, environmental and political systemic ills of our current global civilization that seriously threaten complete collapse seemingly like no other time in history.

But is that true? Are we the only civilization in history that has or is approaching impasse and resulting failure? What about the Khmer, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, Saracens, Romans and of recent times, the Austro/Hungarian and the great British Empires? As we all are aware, these did in fact collapse and for many if not all of the same systemic ills that plague our own national and now global current civilizations. The question remains: do you perceive or even agree with our precarious global civilization's currently expanding crises and eminent collapse?

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