Maybe you agree with our precarious global civilization's currently expanding crises including war, poverty, famine, servitude, property confiscation and the growing myriad of other overwhelmingly complex environmental issues such as climate change, extreme drought, energy depletion and the destruction of natural resources – maybe not. However, if you're considering a ticket to ride on this journey, just look around at not only the sad, current state of affairs of the world in general but our very own country in particular.

Not long ago, America was truly the most powerful, influential and greatest country on earth. We provided the counter balance to circumstances at a time that threatened the very survival of all freedom-loving peoples of the world.

Our strength, our productivity and our moral resolve helped to end the most destructive despotic and freedom-crushing regimes known to mankind at that moment in history. We were not nationalistic, socialistic, fascistic or communistic ... we were capitalistic with national practices founded on the principles inherent in economic liberalism and offset by the rare parallel actions of our own political state vying for supremacy over those of the freedom-denying design. And our focus never wavered from ultimate defense of our country and its freedom loving culture.

Today, does our freedom-loving culture even remotely resemble that image of a resolute and consensus-driven, bygone era? Or have the complexities of the world just grown immensely larger and pushed our freedom-loving and capitalistic image into obscurity? Or, even, were the seeds of failure that were at work prior to our best achievements at any time sown by the very founding principles of our fading republic as pointed out previously on the Republic vs. Democracy page?

In order to get on board for this journey to "One World Of and By the People", one first must seek his or her inner "One World Of and By SELF" and then recognize whether or not it's compatibility with virtually all that is pre-established as the "status quo", "conventional wisdom" and "absurd and destructive political actions" of our current global civilization -- or not.

This website is designed to help you do just that if you recognize that your answer is the incompatibility you discover and, therefore such action to change it all may be truly in your best interest. And, once established, your freethinking interests then may be focused better on the "One World Of and By the People". As pointed out earlier on the Prologue & Purpose page of this website:

We as a freedom loving and seeking species should be evaluating alternatives to self-government that are compatible with individual sovereignty, property plunder protection and the advancement of knowledge over false beliefs.

The foundation ideologies and promulgators of these original thoughts are anchored within Western Civilization's 16th century's establishment of the Enlightenment (i.e., the so-called "Renaissance") with its most significant achievement in thought based on the Scientific Method.

This most profound paradigm shift in reasoning, with its dramatic skeptical but correct-explanation-challenges to the myriad false conclusions inherent in "rules of thumb", "status quo" and "conventional wisdom" arguments of both past and present has brought forth all progress within the physical sciences. Now, however, another paradigm shift is underway.

This website is dedicated to the emerging paradigm shift wherein the thought processes and reasoning that has brought us so far in the physical sciences now is available to deliver equally astounding results within the social sciences.

What follows in this website is designed to stimulate your senses and awaken your ability to explore the history of what has occurred and what might be possible in the future based on this emerging social causality paradigm shift.

With the above stated, it now becomes your decision. We welcome your decision to click on the "Departure" link below or abandon your desire to continue your trip. The decision is yours.

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